Extreme Cat Post

The Extreme Cat Post By Kat Condo


Dear Cat Parent:

If you tried searching for a half decent cat scratching post in the stores but turned up empty handed then you're not alone. Big box stores and even smaller pet stores try to sell you low quality high priced cat scratching posts,which are cheap in quality but not in price.

These types of cat scratchers are not only low quality but some are just plain dangerous,some made with hazardous toxins that can make your cat sick and some with visible dangers such as sharp protruding screws that we actually seen in person being sold at a popular large retail outlet.

The point being is how can you possibly find a safe well built cat scratching post if even the big stores are selling low quality flimsy scratching posts to you.Just to make a profit from you but not considering the well being and safety of your cat.

Many veterinarians and pet experts will all agree that a cat should have a cat post that is not only safe to use for obvious reasons but also the cat post must be an adequate size for your cat.

Meaning that the cat post should be higher than the length of your cat stretched out from front paws to back paws,if the cat scratcher is an improper height then your cat is not experiencing a perfect scratch and that is why in most cases your cat will scratch something else and most likely that something else is very expensive.

Thankfully we have a proven solution for you that will not only make your cat happy and satisfied,but will save you money in the long run.


Introducing The Kat Condo Extreme Post

Extreme Cat Post By Kat Condo

Kat Condo Extreme cat scratching posts are not only great for your cat,but you will also love the attractive design and look of the cat post which will appealingly blend in very well with your homes decor and style,and our cat posts offer a wide selection of plush fur colors and wood trim tone combination’s to choose from to match any style you may have in your home.

We hand build each and every Kat Condo scratching post one by one with great precision, craftsmanship and care to not only produce the best looking cat post available on the market, but we also think about the safety of your cat while we make these beautiful posts.Safety is our top concern over anything and is our main focus during the production of our cat posts from start to finish.

We want to produce the best cat scratching post we possibly can without risking the safety of your cat because that is very important to us and our top priority.

The Extreme Cat Post is a tall cat post,in fact it is very tall and besides for the quality and looks of the post the height is one of the main factors that separate our posts from the other so called cat scratching posts in the stores.

Cats need a large post to stretch while they scratch and if they do not have that option they will simply scratch the alternative which will probably be your sofa.


The Extreme Post Specifications Chart


The Extreme Post solves that problem because it has a height of 32 inches which is almost 3 feet in height,this height is more than satisfactory for most cats and for that reason it is why cats prefer our posts over the smaller low quality posts sold in stores.Another reason why your cat likes scratching the sofa is because it’s solid,it doesn’t move while the cat is scratching it.Cats like scratching solid objects,they don’t like instability,to solve that problem we build our posts stable.

Our posts start off with a super wide 16″ x 16″ heavy wood base which will keep the post steady on the ground with minimal risk of tipping over.For added stability and weight we also fill the sisal post itself with new crushed stone halfway up the post to increase the weight of the post and keep the weight low towards the base.This helps increase the stability of the post and prevents it from tipping over when your cat is scratching it.

And on top of that we also install rubber grips on the bottoms of the designer feet to prevent the post from sliding side to side for instance on tile or hardwood floors or any smooth surface,that alone is an added feature which shows we care about producing a quality product for our customer.

The scratching surface of our cat scratchers itself consists of sisal rope.Sisal rope is a natural fiber which is made from the sisal plant,wound into rope it produces a sharp rough texture and feel which cats love, and cats love to scratch sisal rope which makes it the preferred scratching surface for cats more than any other surface including carpet.

Many other pet product manufactures producing cat posts use sisal rope on their products as well,but what separates us from them is we go the extra mile when producing our products.All our sisal rope is glued directly onto the surface of the post with a non toxic glue which prevents the rope from unwinding in the future once the post becomes worn from extended use.This gluing process makes the sisal rope very strong and adherents the rope to the post so your cat can get an even better scratch every time.

The Kat Condo Extreme scratching post also includes a 8″x8″ (20cm x 20cm) round top perch covered in plush fur for your cat sit upon and to enjoy.


The Kat Condo Stability Chart

Scratching-Post Stability

For the covering materials we do not use carpet on our cat scratching posts for the main reason is that most homes have carpet and if your cat scratches a post that has carpet then the cat may think that it would be alright to scratch everything made from carpet.

This is not always the case and some cats differ from others but to keep things equal we cover our posts with plush fur and not carpet.Plush fur is very strong and stands up to the abuse of any cat,it also cleans very easily with a damp cloth and doesn’t attract cat fur as much as carpet can.

We offer our cat posts in multiple color choices from a natural beige to a rich burgundy,most likely we will have a color choice that will match your home.


Choose From 8 Different Color Choices To Match Your Homes Decor

Cat-Scratchers Color Choice

We started to produce these posts and sell them directly to the public in mid 2002.During that time we sold a great deal of posts and made a lot of cats happy,not to mention their owners.Out of all the cat scratching posts we sold we can honestly say that we never had one customer complaint about our posts or the quality of our posts,That to us indicates that our posts are proven and that we only received the highest appreciation and gratitude from our customers,we receive heart felt comments weekly in our in-box by customers literally thanking us and telling us how much their cat loves the new post.During that time we also had many repeat customers buying 2 to 3 posts at a time.

Click Here for just a few random comments we received over the years since we started selling these posts publicly,these are real comments and and are not edited in anyway.

Our Kat Condo Guarantee

Money Back Warranty


PS: Please note that these scratching posts are Hand Made so quantities may be limited.




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